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Original CrazieKaren's Creations Bags!!

I enjoy creating new and different bags.  I've created several over the years based on my own needs.  This first bag I'm offering for sale is one of the first I created for myself many years ago. 


I LOVE pockets!!!  This tote bag has 3 pockets on the outside!!  1 pocket on each end, perfect for car keys, cell phone, baby bottles, gum and candy and anything else of a smaller size you want to be able to get to easily.  The big pocket on the back is perfect for magazines, dealer catalogues, any and all important papers. 


Made of sturdy denim, this bag will last for years and years.  This has been my all around, all purpose bag for over 20 years.  I started using it as a diaper bag, and added my tupperware dealership needs to it.  I have used it as a flight carryon when I fly, and for every craft I've ever done.  It's especially well suited for  quilting, knitting, crocheting, and sewing.  The size and pockets have been perfect for every type of use. 

All this in one bag for just $29.99!! Email me with your order!!

At the time I first designed this bag, I had little one's, was a tupperware dealer, and needed a bag that would fulfill all my needs, from diaper bag to briefcase.


Now check out the inside after I unzipped the zipper!!  Large enough for 3 large skeins of Red Heart Yarn with room to spare!!  3 more pockets line the inside!!  I put a standard pattern size envelope in each pocket so you can see how large they are. 
When I use this as a purse, I keep my wallet and checkbook in the closest pocket.  I keep notepad and pen in one of the other pockets, and my camera in the one next to it.  These pockets are large enough for your emergency makeup kit so it doesn't get lost in the bottom!!!

The long handles are the perfect length to sling over your shoulder and ride on your hip, keeping your hands free for more important things!!
I make this bag to order, so I can customize it with your initials if desired.  If you prefer a different color, let me know. I have access to many different colors of denim as well as canvas and duck cloth. 

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