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Being a grandma, I've had some special requests over the years for infants and toddlers.  Below you'll find a few of the most requested items!!



Baby Blanket Set
Toddler Blanket Set to match

Email me with your order!!

Baby Blanket Sets
These are one of my most often requested items.  I also custom make them to the mothers nursery theme or color. 
Baby Set includes:
1 35x35 inch square recieving blanket
1 large burp cloth, size may vary
1 infant size bib
Made of high quality cotton flannel, mommy's and babies alike love them!!
Now, we all know how little one's get attached to their bankies!!!  And how a large blanket starts to look after being dragged around by a toddler for a while!!! 

We also know that little one's, both boys and girls love their babies, and want them to have matching blankets too!!!

So I've come up with a solution!!!

2 matching 18" square blankets!!!

With this additional purchase, your toddler will have a small easy to manage 'bankie for away from home, (you might even have a chance to wash it!) and your toddler's baby will have a blanket to match thier own!!!


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