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Here are some of the most popular things I've made and listed in my store on iOffer.  I have many craft patterns, a few candleholders and some other misc. items.
Bookmark this site and come back often to see what else I'm making!!!  You just never know what CrazieKaren will think of next!!!
Remember to contact me if you have a special request, we'll brainstorm it together so you'll get just what you want. 
If you feel more comfortable purchasing from my site rather than iOffer, send me an email.  I accept PayPal, direct transfer only please, no credit cards yet!  I also accept Money Orders and Cashiers Checks. 

Come visit my iOffer store!!

Email Me!!

Denim Tote bag with lots of pockets!!
Made of sturdy denim, with 3 pockets on the outside and 3 more on the inside.  Durable zipper closure and shoulder straps make this bag a must have for many different purposes including diaperbag, quilters bag, knitters/crochet bag, softside briefcase, overnight bag and more!!

Click here for full description!!

Click here to purchase from my iOffer store!!


Baby recieving blanket gift set
Made of high quality 100% flannel, my recieving blanket gift sets are a favorite for both mom's and babies!!  I custom make these in the color and nursery theme of your choice. 

Click here for full description and special offer!!

Click here to purchase from my iOffer store and to see what I currently have in stock!!


I custom make aprons in all sizes from child to very large adult.  Most of my aprons are reversable with pockets optional. 
My aprons WILL stay where you want them and not slip to the side like most!! 
The perfect solution in clothing protection for mature women and men!!
This is one of my youth aprons.  My chunky grandson is modeling it for me!!  Yeah, he's a ham in front of the camera!!   

Click here to see what aprons I have in stock in my iOffer store!!

Click here for more information about my aprons!


Custom Order Baby Quilts!


Custom Order Baby Quilt!!

You decide the theme!

You decide the colors!

You decide the block pattern!

Size of quilt will vary depending on size of nursery theme print requested. I make baby quilts large, usually they end up at least crib mattress size.

I can do customized quilting in the border if requested, ie name of child and/or who from and year.

I use 100% cotton materials, including batting, tho will use polyester batting upon request.

Christmas Tree Skirt


For more pics and description, click here!!

A very large christmas tree skirt!!!  This measures almost 6ft. from tip to top across the center!! 
I have enough fabric left to make a matching fireplace cloth or stairway banner.  Each half-diamond will be 20 inches, so 3 of them put together for a fireplace cloth or stairway banner would be 60 inches or 5 ft.  I have enough fabric to make it up to 80 inches. 
I can also make one for you in your choice of colors.  Email me or sign my guestbook to place your order!!

Decorator Throw Pillow Covers


My decorator pillow covers are another favorite of many.  Always made of high quality fabrics, usually quilters cotton.  I always prewash my fabrics before I sew, so they'll hold their shape!!
Machine washable!!!  If they get dirty, just take the cover off the pillow and toss it in the wash!!  I do not stuff them before I sell them.  You can go to your local department store and buy a pillowform, or put your old dirty throw pillows in them!!!  No need to pay extra postage on a stuffed pillow!!
My throw pillow covers will either button on the back with 2 decorative buttons, or will have a fold over flap that buttons on the front like an envelope. 
Email me to request the pillow covers you need and want in your home!!!