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I love to make quilts, especially baby quilts!!  Below you'll see a few baby quilts I've made with the name of the block used.  Most of the quilt block patterns I use are traditional, tho I do enjoy applique quilts as well.
This is just a small sampling of the quilts I've made.   I love to mix different blocks, and add applique, so just email me to tell me what your envisioning in a quilt! 
My prices vary based on time involved in the quilt pattern you choose and cost of the fabric.  I estimate the amount of time it will take me to cut the fabric and complete your quilt, multiply that time by a modest hourly fee, and add the cost of materials and shipping.
I do not include the time involved in planning your quilt or finding the fabrics unless it's a very hard to find fabric.  If you wish to provide the fabrics for your quilt, I only charge my hourly fee. 

Square in a Square Pattern
This is an example of a square in a square quilt block made into a baby quilt.  The Tazmanian Devil was chosen as the central theme of this quilt, and the person requesting it wanted bold vibrant colors.
I can make this quilt in any theme and colors of your choice!!

Log Cabin Pattern
This is an example of a Log Cabin block made into a quilt.  The theme of this quilt is Precious Moments, and the colors chosen are a mix of soft pastels and vibrant primary colors!
I can make this quilt in any theme and colors of your choice!!

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