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I much prefer to do custom sewing. 
I'll be making a few various items as examples as well as for sale. 
When you see something you like, please pause a moment, think about it, envision how YOU would like see it, then email me and tell me what you see in your minds eye.
Do you already have that vision, but don't know anyone who can make it for you??  Well, if it involves crafty or quilt type sewing,  I can probably do it.   If I can't, I'll be honest and tell you, I'll also try to help you find someone who CAN make what you want!
Just email me with your ideas.
This is how the brainstorming session starts! 
This is how you can have that special item made for that special person!
I'm very quality conscious, both of the fabrics I use and of the sewing process.  I guarantee you'll recieve a quality product when you order from me.  And I make sure I'm making just what you want, both thru word description and sending you pics of fabric choices.

Email Me!!

On this page, I'll be showing you some of the things I've made for myself and others.  Unfortunatly, I've lost many many pictures of things I've made. 


These are both pictures of  a quilt Rick asked me to make for him.  This quilt presented many design and tecnique challenges!


A grouping of several small items.


This is one of the first baby quilts I made for my oldest grandaughter!


My grandaughter begged me to make this cowgirl outfit for her for Hallowen this year.  I don't relish making clothing, but this was a fun challenge for me!!


 He brought me the center Deer pannel and we designed the full quilt from there out!!!


A Winnie The Pooh recieving blanket, burp cloth, bib set I made.


I chose Precious Moments to build log cabin blocks around for my oldest grandson's quilt!




This is my Healing Quilt I made for myself.  Can you tell I love contrast?


Winnie The Pooh Infant Blanket Set.  I also made a set of the Blue's Clues too!!! 


My youngest son just loves the Tazmanian Devil, so that's what he chose for me to build blocks around for his son's quilt.  I love to make baby quilts.  If you have a special nusery theme in mind, I can use your theme and make a beautiful colorful baby quilt for you!!

These two pictures on the left are of the curtains I made.  I fell in love with the floral, bought all the store had, and still didn't have enough!!  So, the thinking cap went on, and the search started!  I couldn't find any more of the floral fabric, and of course the store couldn't reorder, so I found the pretty complimenting blue. 
These curtains are in separate yet connecting rooms, so they had to coordinate well!