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Contact, Payment, Shipping info

Are you an iOfferian and wish me to add you to my Craft Fair??  Please sign my guestbook on iOffer!!!
Have an idea of something you'd like me to make for you??  Send me an email with your ideas, we'll brainstorm it together, and you'll get just what you want!  I'll either list it on iOffer, or you can purchase it privatly with the following payment options. 
I have an excelent reputation on Ebay as well as iOffer, my member name on both sites is CrazieKaren, please check out my feedback on both sites.
I accept Paypal direct transfer only, sorry, no credit cards at this time.  Also cashiers checks or money orders.  Email me with your order and payment method.  I'll figure the shipping and send you the total.
I ship U.S.P.S. Priority Mail, and I prefer to use the flat rate envelopes and boxes.  The envelopes are $3.85, and the boxes are $7.70, and I'm good at packing them all to the limit!  I package all my shipments carefully, wrapped in a plastic bag inside the box, with your shipping address viewable inside the bag.
I work full time as a nurse, and will start work on your item ASAP after recieving payment.  I can fill most custom orders within a week, and ship on my days off.  I will let you know during our planning stage of your custom order approximatly how long it will take to make your custom order.

Send me an email!!

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